Year 10, 11 and 12 Art Outing to Iziko Gallery

On Wednesday, the 8th of February, the Grade 10, 11 and 12 art students as well as the Norwegian exchange students visited the Iziko South African National Art Gallery. The aim of the day was to gather information, analyse the art works exhibited and develop an overall appreciation for art. Alongside the standard artworks were “At Face Value” (a collection of portraits) and “Woman’s Craft” (pieces mainly created using thread, wool, yarn etc.) on display. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by the attending students.
Written by: Chelsea Ashton

The following comments were made by some of the students:
Living is not a form of art, but art a form of living. The exhibition introduced us to a new form of art, and through seeing the pieces we discovered a new form of living. Lisa Papitsch (Year 11)

The only true wizards are artists. Harry Delport (Year 11)

The gallery had an interesting selection of different mediums which helps remind us how much is out there to work with. Stephen Carrihill (Year 12)

The visit to the Iziko Art Gallery was an invaluable opportunity to engage with first hand resources for future studies. I greatly enjoyed the experience. Chelsea Ashton (Year 12)

The art gallery gave me some true inspiration to practice art, and I was able to see what beauty can come from something so simple. Emil Moen (Year 12)

The gallery visit gave me real insight to what South African art is like. It was a great experience. Iselin Spolen (Year 12)

This was just the second or third time I had entered an art gallery. It was interesting to see that the South African history had a big impact on the art in the museum. There were many controversial artworks that I walked by, but they had an important message in each one of the pieces. Lars Fredrik Kletten (Year 12)

This was my first time ever entering an art gallery, this was for me a unique experience that I will definitely bring with me through my exchange. Jakob Fjeller (Year 12)

The experience was very inspiring for me and how I think about the purpose of art. John Clair Smith Derksen (Year 10)

I really enjoyed the exhibition and the questions it brings to mind. The variation of the interpretations of different people which were then joined together was a wonderful experience. Reuben J.v.Rensburg (Year 10)

The creations that some people come up with…so inspiring. Liam Carolus (Year 10)