Writer’s Block

Our students do some wonderful writing pieces at school and we would like to show case them some of them here in our newsletter.  Enjoy the first piece in our Writer’s Block!

Instruction: Write a story of 350 – 450 words that begins “The figure moved swiftly and noiselessly, as if not wanting to be observed…”

The mission
The figure moved swiftly and noiselessly, as if not wanting to be observed as he moved through the bushes surrounding an old government warehouse in Darjeeling, Nepal. This warehouse contained important secret information about the Nepalese government that the Chinese government needed for some reason but Cho had not been hired to wonder; he had been hired to get the information without causing a scene. He moved closer to the building as the guard in the front moved away.

Cho was part of a Kung Fu academy in the mountains of Eastern China. The Chinese government had occasionally hired agents from the academy to do missions for them without it being tied to the government, and therefore, international politics. This was Cho’s first mission as a student of the academy and he needed it to be a success in order not to be punished on his return or, even worse, expelled.

Cho had trained in the Crane Style of Kung Fu, which focusses on stealthy manoeuvring. He used his training now to make it from the tree line to the front of the building without being seen by the numerous guards patrolling the building. Since the warehouse was old, it had only old locks. No problem for any of the students at the academy. Quickly, Cho was inside with the door shut before a guard noticed.

Cho was faced with a dark hallway with doors to rooms on either side of it. This was where he would need his combat training; he could not afford to be seen or to have an alarm raised. Anyone he came across would need to be knocked out quickly. No problem for Cho.

Slipping into the shadows, Cho moved down the hallway to the first door where he quietly put his ear to the door while keeping his eyes open to watch for anyone approaching. He heard nothing on the other side, so he tried the handle. Open. The room was empty and dark. Cho quickly moved to the desk to glance at the paper work before returning to the door to check the hall. He closed the door quietly and moved on.

Cho had been through five rooms, all of them empty. He was at the last door on that side of the hall, when he heard voices. They came from inside the room. Cho listened and counted two. He would need to be quick. He could tell by the voices that they were facing away from the door that was unlocked, like those of the rest of the rooms.

He slipped into the room and immediately ran for the nearest man. With a sharp jab to the side of the man’s neck, he had him out and crumpling. Cho had already moved on to the second man who fell just as fast as his colleague had. Cho looked at the desk and saw the papers he needed. In less than a minute, he was out and in the bushes once more. Too easy.
Written by: Jacob Smith Derksen