We are committed to providing the highest educational standards delivered through a curriculum that seeks to empower our students from the earliest age as independent thinkers and powerful communicators. We aim to provide the academic tools and qualifications to open doors to future educational and life opportunities. We want students who want to make a difference in their lives.Our curriculum, as an IB World School, is relevant for local South African and international students. It extends beyond the classroom providing meaningful experiences and qualifications our students are proud to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

As a “Learning School” we are aware of the need to be at the forefront of educational thinking, offering the highest quality educational experience. Our objective is to meet the collective and individual needs of our students, preparing them for life in the 21st century and challenging and supporting them to reach beyond their perceived potential.

We are conscious of our responsibility to provide the intellectual, physical and emotional skills young people need to be successful in an increasingly complex world and the motivation to make the world a better place. We are an international school with a global mindset and we cherish our local community and natural environment. We promote pluralism and celebrate diversity.

We seek to be engaged and engaging of others, to develop relationships founded on trust and to build communities at peace. We demand this of ourselves, we expect it of our students and we ask it of our parents.

Visit us and become as excited as we are about our education.