Random Acts of Kindness

This world needs more kindness! We are counting on all of you to help us spread the love! Let’s do it! 

Please help us create a movement where the Somerset West community starts joining in and starts talking about our campaign where kindness is spread throughout the community. It starts with us! So please make an effort in doing a little random act of kindness for someone else in the community and don’t forget to leave your kindness card behind so that they can play it forward too! Stuck with ideas on how to play it forward? No worries! Have a look at the list of ideas below:

  • Leave a new ice cold bottle of water on the treadmill with a note for the next person that uses it. (Don’t forget to leave the card with it!)
  • Leave a packet of rusks, a small pot plant or other goodie on the door step of a neighbour.
  • Leave a sticky note on someone’s car…. “you’re awesome!” or “you are loved!” Even a beautiful inspirational quote will do.
  • Cook a meal for a work colleague and leave it on their desk with a note… “No need to worry about cooking tonight.”
  • Pay for the person’s carwash/ coffee etc that is behind you in the line. Don’t forget to pass the card on.
  • Leave a pack of wet wipes on a changing table for the next mommy that uses it.
  • Offer to take your neighbour’s dog for a walk.
  • Leave a food/ shopping voucher for someone in a trolley or basket with a note and don’t forget to attach the card!
  • Take balloons to all the sick children in hospital.
  • Visit the old age home and read to them or paint a lady’s nails. Blow dry her hair etc.
  • Send anonymous flowers to someone. Don’t forget to attach the card.
  • Baby sit for someone. Then hand the card to them when they return home.
  • Have a clean-up party at the beach.

We will be watching social media and perhaps your little act of kindness in the community makes it onto FB posted by a stranger that received it.