From the Principal’s Desk – 9 May 2019

Dear Parents

Last Friday was our INTERNATIONAL EVENING, our first one in quite some time, and what a success it was.

THANK YOU to all our wonderful parents for making it such a huge success. It was incredibly special to see students, parents and teachers socializing and having such a relaxed time.

In particular, I would like to thank our PTA who co-ordinated this event. You were amazing! We raised the awesome amount of R25 020,32, which will be spent on a project to benefit our students and community. We will notify you as soon as a final decision has been made. THANK YOU!

Please be reminded of our GENERAL PARENT MEETING to be held on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 @ 6pm.

This Sunday, 12 May, is MOTHER’S DAY. “Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.” THANK YOU, to all our mothers for doing what you do to make our lives easier and better. May Sunday be the day that you all know, in your heart, that you are appreciated and valued.

EXAMS….Our Year 11 students are already busy writing their IGCSE. The rest of the High School start their exams on Wednesday, 22 May 2019 and the Primary School write their exams from 29 May 2019. All these students should already be doing daily study and revision sessions.

We say goodbye to our 5 NORWEGIAN STUDENTS next week. They have spent 4 months with us and, by all accounts, had a wonderful time. A very big THANK YOU to our host families. You made this such a successful and enjoyable time! Thank you for doing so much with them and taking them into your homes as your own children.

Weekly Thought: Good service
“Good service means never having to ask for anything.” – Danny Meyer

One of the world’s best restauranteurs gives us a very short and simple definition of a widely-debated matter: Good service. And to be honest, the way he puts it is quite amazing!

It is when we really apply our minds and think about the last time we went to a restaurant or to the shop to buy groceries or clothing that we begin to see the truth in what Meyer is saying. What is sad, however, is the fact that we usually see its truth from the negative side – having received bad service and having needed to ask countless questions ourselves.

Rather than having to solve a puzzle on our own, we as clients should first be asked:
–          Is there anything else I can get you?
–          Have you managed to find what you’re looking for?
–          Do you know about our special offers?

And those people who look at business in such a proactive manner are the ones people inevitably end up supporting. How do people vote for “good service?” The answer: With their wallets! If people perceive a business to provide good service, they will support it and that business will flourish – no doubt about it! It is vital for those of us in business never to forget this very simple principle; and let all of us, as clients and customers, make sure to support those special brands and businesses that do all they can to remove the need for us to ask…

All the public holidays are a thing of the past. Now we have full, uninterrupted weeks, until the June/July holidays. Let’s make an impact.

Andre Swart
Head of School