From the Principal’s Desk – 31 January 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians

This past week I was reminded of the importance of friends, families and loved ones. It started with a wonderful family picnic. Thank you to our Helderberg International School family for an incredible evening. I am so proud to say that this parent body and students “belong to me”. The staff at our school are an incredible group of people. Yes, we don’t always get it right but, believe me, they are a caring group of people who only have the best intentions for our students. Let’s look after each other.

I encouraged the High School students to turn up the volume on the positive thoughts and press the delete button on the negative thoughts. As adults, let us all set the example by doing the same.

I would like to invite all Early Childhood – Year 3 parents to an hour meeting on Tuesday, 5th February 2019 starting at 5.30pm. Details to follow in a separate circular and elsewhere in this newsletter.

5.30pm – 6.00pm  Coding and Robotics demonstration for Early Childhood – Year 3 parents
6.00pm – 6.30pm   Reading workshop for Early Childhood, Year 1 and new Year 2 parents

Parents are encouraged to join our PTA as we are planning a number of fundraising events during 2019. Please send your name through to Leigh Bensch

Weekly Thought: Thankfulness

“If every moment is sacred, and if you are amazed and in awe most of the time when you find yourself breathing and not crazy, then you are in a state of constant thankfulness, worship and humility.” – Bernice Johnson Reagon

However, upon deeper contemplation of these words, we find that, below the obvious, there’s much more to this statement.

Life is so fragile. This is a fact that becomes so sadly apparent, with so many losing loved ones and relatives. If you are alive and well, have your loved ones around you, have the capability to use your senses as well as the ability and opportunity to love one another, may you be made aware of the sacred privilege you are enjoying – consider that these moments are special and fleeting…

May a state of utter thankfulness be the result of the gift of life we all received in 2018, and, as we go into February, may we look forward with hope, anticipation and expectation to what 2019 is offering!

What an awesome gift “life” is indeed; how thankful we should be to have and enjoy it…

Have an awesome weekend.

Andre Swart
Head of School