From the Principal’s Desk – 3 August 2017

Dear ISH Community

As teachers, we are trained to impart knowledge and develop skills in a variety of situations. Normally we do this with a certain age group in mind. However, as children progress through their school years, their needs change and the kind of information and skills that they receive alter accordingly. It is not just the children who are changing and growing – our world is changing too. I feel sure that most of us, at some point or other, has had the roles of parent / child reversed on them – such as when your child turns around with a look of horror and says “Mom, it is called an ‘emoji’!”, or “Grandpa, LOL doesn’t actually mean Love You Lots – in fact it means Laugh Out Loud!” While, as an adult, it can certainly feel like the world of technology is moving so fast that there is simply no way we can keep up, it is important for us all to continue the journey of learning and keep up with the times.

The first 25 odd years of life are crowded with a host of learning opportunities, from the play group to the school classroom, then to learning to ride your first bicycle – which in turn develops into learning to drive a car! Next, you hit university or tertiary study, with a whole new range of learning experiences, including buying your own groceries and doing your own laundry. Just when you think you have mastered those skills, it is time for your first job and more learning experiences! And so it goes on, as you get older the number of learning opportunities seems to diminish a little, but they definitely don’t stop.

In a school environment, the adults continually push the children to work hard, study hard and embrace the learning opportunities! The same can be said in reverse. It is equally important for us adults to continue to embrace the learning opportunities that are presented to us. This usually comes in the form of what is termed Professional Development. To meet this need, some of our teachers will be attending and participating in a varied range of enhanced learning opportunities – from Cambridge training online and in Johannesberg to workshops on subjects such as fire safety and Emotional Intelligence.

Although this is a short term, it is going to be a busy one for us all!

Ms. S de Robeck
Acting Head of School