From the Principal’s Desk – 24 January 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians

Trust you having an amazing week. We are so blessed as South Africans, to have wonderful weather this time of year. Weather in which we can enjoy our weekends being up and about enjoying nature and the great outdoors. Swimming, having a “braai” or just reading a good book…all of these activities are on offer, if we take the time and maximize the opportunities with friends and family…

Parents are reminded that children should wear the correct uniform. We are no longer allowing students to wear their blue golf shirt with their uniform. This was allowed due to the drought last year. Please assist us and ensure that children wear the correct uniform and always look smart.

Parents are encouraged to join our PTA as we are planning a number of fundraising events during 2019.

This event is scheduled for Friday, 25th January 2019 from 18:00 to 20:30. This will be a festive way to start the year and get to know each other a little more. There will also be some adrenaline rush activities on the soccer field – get your teams sorted!

IES have been extremely supportive and a number of new ventures are being planned for the year. These are all to benefit our students and parents. We have employed Mrs Cindy Arenstein, a Holistic Counsellor, who will work at our school one day a week. Furthermore, we have employed Ms Jacqui Hawtrey who has taken on the role of marketing all three South African IES schools. Welcome to these two ladies.

Weekly Thought: Hope 
“Hope is the anchor of our souls. I know of no one who is not in need of hope – young or old, strong or weak, rich or poor.”  – James E. Faust 

Indeed, we all need hope…
At the beginning of this new year, it’s imperative that we have hope, find hope or rediscover hope. We simply must have hope in something or someone.  In what or in who are you placing your hope in 2019? The answer to this question will go a long way in determining the outcome of this year and probably the rest of your future…

Have a productive week of impact.

Andre Swart
Head of School