From the Principal’s Desk – 10 November 2016

Dear School

I have just returned from 6 days of travel and educational leadership discussions at the annual IES Head’s annual conference in the beautiful seaside town of Sidmouth in Devon, U.K. The conference theme centered around the development and importance of computer education for our children. In particular, the latest developments in programming and robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality grabbed and held my attention.

The thing is that students will increasingly be exposed to a world of programming and how to program. This puts our children in charge of understanding programming and encourages active inquiry and the development of the necessary skills and knowledge bases so that they approach the world of innovation, robotics and higher order thinking with the experience that gives them confidence for what they will experience in the future. and the incredible resources available on Khan Academy are free and offer great resources for exposure to programming for teachers and students. It’s very sensory learning and at ISH, we are going to start building up the necessary resources for our students to explore programing and robotics from the age of 4. Code-a-Pillars, Bebots and Lego Mindcraft are all tools to engage and teach students the basics of programming and robotics.

Working initially with virtual reality will also enable our students to enjoy virtual experiences. A set of goggles and a cell phone are all that’s needed to explore a virtual space and to enjoy a field trip to the Grand Canyon, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York or Buckingham Palace in London; all from the comfort of your classroom desk.

With strategic planning, curriculum design and the correct funding, we will begin implementing these ideas and resources into the school shortly.  We certainly live in exciting times!

Yours in education,

Garth Kitching

Head of School