Camps / Trips

  • Primary School SOS Camp for Year 4, 5, 6 and 7: 15-17 March 2017
  • High School Year 10 Journey: 22  to 31 March 2017
  • High School Camp: 26 – 30 March 2017

2016 Orange River Trip

It’s been a few weeks since our magical camp ended, but the memories (and the sun-tan) are far from faded! At the end of last term, early on the morning of Sunday 13th of March we gathered at school, packed the overlander and headed northward for the border post. It was a long drive, with one or two pitstops, and everybody was delighted when we eventually reached our destination – Bushwhacked River Adventure Camp – on the banks of the Orange River.

The rest of the afternoon was spent splashing around in a very shallow river and getting acquainted with the camp dogs, Shadow and Sammy. After a delicious dinner and a rather entertaining safety speech, we spent our first night sleeping under the stars – and what a beautiful night sky it was.

The following morning was occupied with transferring our belongings from back-packs to dry bags before being transported by truck to our put-in point roughly 10km up stream from base camp. Getting our boats and bags from the truck down to the river bank was already a strenuous task and the real adventure had not yet even begun!

We set off down the river at about 11 and most of the paddlers managed to manoeuvre their boats with ease, while one paddling partnership endeavored to paddle their boat backward down the river and a few other boats made acquaintances with the reeds and rocks that line the banks!

Day one on the river included a few rapids and, probably one of the best parts of the whole camp – the Nappy Run! We all climbed into our life jackets upside down and became human boats as we sailed down the rapids in our “nappies”. The photos, needless to say are hilarious!

During our time on the river we enjoyed delicious meals, laughter, sunshine and happiness. Even if our hands were blistered and we slept on rocks, the good far outweighed the challenges. Our students became very accustomed to wet sleeping bags and strained shoulder muscles, but they handled themselves beautifully.

A big thank you to Mrs Uys for organising the trip and to Bushwhacked for hosting us. I am already looking forward to our next expedition!