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Message from the Head of School

‘Know your child’. These are words that I have shared with parents over the years as they set out to select the right school for their child. The thing is, nobody understands your child; better than you do.

Knowing your child’s strengths and challenges, you know their social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs and know what interests them in the form of pastimes, hobbies, sport and the arts.
Based on what you know, begin exploring schools that you believe best suits your child. With this as the starting point, allow me to share what our school has to offer.

IES International Helderberg School is currently based in Heritage Park, a security estate in Somerset West that lies below the majestic Helderberg mountain peak. The school is small and personal with classes of between 8 and 22 students.

We offer the Cambridge International Examinations, the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 6-19 year old students We also offer an Early Childhood programme for 4 and 5 year olds.

Part of the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s prestigious tertiary institutions, the curriculum that is delivered at Helderberg is trusted for it’s excellence and recognised by universities and employers worldwide. More than ten thousand schools in over one hundred and sixty countries offer Cambridge, and Helderberg is part of this international learning community. The Cambridge mission is centered on excellence and the vision is centered around the students who access and engage the curriculums on offer.

At Helderberg, we embrace this vision for our students. We look to develop children who approach life with confidence, who are able to reflect and respond with a sense of responsibility to the world around them and who are empowered to engage in the challenges of the 21st Century. Underpinned by Cambridge and external standardised examination and testing, English, Mathematics and Science are experienced at the highest level within classes.

These standards set by Cambridge call for a strong focus on teaching and learning. At IES International Helderberg School, we seek to attract and attain well qualified teachers.Our staff lives the philosophy of life-long learning and professional development, to underpin and improve the quality of the written, taught and assessed curriculums; is a priority at our school.

Educational excursions are a strong focus throughout the year and our students attend different types of educational camps and enjoy trips into nature, to historical buildings, art, toy and history museums, theatre productions, the ‘Hop-on-Hop-off’ Cape Town bus Tour to mention just a few. Students are encouraged to use these excursions to extend their learning, develop their character and appreciate the beauty of the ‘outdoor classroom’.

We encourage our students to participate in sporting activities to support their physical development, improve their social skills, to enjoy teamwork and to understand the importance of keeping fit and strong as part of a healthy lifestyle.

What does the term, ‘international’ mean and how is it developed through a curriculum? At Helderberg, we offer students multiple opportunities to develop the characteristics of global citizenship, characteristics embedded in our International Education Systems Mission Statement, that ask them to consider the world around them and explore ways to act and impact positively on people, animals and the environment. We encourage our students to examine themselves, know themselves, challenge themselves and pursue their passions. We create opportunities for students to understand the importance of being responsible for their learning and enjoy a relationship with the school and what we offer, making use of every experience and opportunity. An appreciation of the value that learning brings to our lives is a constant conversation.

IES International Helderberg School offers a safe, happy, nurturing environment where students and their learning are the center of every decision we make.

If you believe our school suits the needs of your child, come in and visit us. Our team will welcome you and give you a tour of the school

Garth Kitching
Head of School


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    Every year, students from SEK and IES schools join for a week of cultural or sports activities. The event takes place in one of the countries in Latin America where exists a SEK school. In 2017 a sporting week take place at SEK Guadalajara International School, Guadalajara, México.

    For more information, please contact the Director of International Programs at the school

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